Reasons to deal with Us

Reason 1 : First distributor of cellphone and tablet parts in Canada

We are the oldest distributor of cellphone parts. 10 years ago we started as a repair shop. After getting feed up with overseas defective parts we decided to look around for a canadian distributor. At our biggest surprise there was none. So we decided to become a distributor of cellphone and tablet spare parts. We focused on distribution, providing other small shop like us at the time. We helped many customers growing their business with multiple stores around the country.

Reason 2 : All screens are tested by us in Canada

We undertand that defective is a big problem in most of the company offering parts. If you are dealing with overseas company, you will understand fast that the cost to return a couple of screen back is not worthed. Your shipping cost to return the part is goign to be most likely more expensive than the actual defective parts. So we decided to test all screen yourself before shipping. If you still ahve issue with some of our parts we will still replace them, but the shippign cost won't be exagerated since we are in Canada. Even for a single screen it should be worth it.

Reason 3 : We offer bulk prices for Repair Shops (B2B)

We are a business for businness (B2B) mainly. We are trying to offer bulk prices for the best quality/price you can find. If you need more than ten of a single product we wil try to offer you a discount. If you don't see a product listed that you want to buy in quantity let us know at We are here to help you out and become the best of the bests. 

Reason 4 : We are NOT a repair shop

This sounds like a disadvantage, but not on our point of view. The business started as a repair shop but ended up beeing a main distributor for cellphone parts with the time. We know our products since we have been in the filed for over 10 years since the beginning. We aren't here to steal your clients; we are here to provide you with the best Quality of parts possible.

Reason 5 : We prone Quality Over Quantity (QOQ)

Quality for us has always been the first goal. Instead on just trying to get the best prices and then having to deal with a lot of defective parts, we understood that what businesses are looking for is stability and progress. We focus on getting the best quality screens on the market. We are constantly testing new suppliers and different qualities. If you are just looking for the cheapest out there, then we might not be what you are looking for since we prone quality over quantity. Feedback is the most important thing for us. It helps us grow at the same time our client's growth. We are looking for long term business relation. So if there is anything that you dislike or not happy about, let us know. We will be more than happy to help resolve the issue!

Reason 6 : Free shipping on orders over 250$ in Canada

Shipping as become one of the fees that we hate most. What is most frustrating than paying 20$ shipping on a couple of items? So instead of charging you handling fees and shipping fees, we offer it for free on Canadian orders overs 250$. All parts are carefully packed by our workers in our warehouse.

Coming this year : Free shipping on orders over 175$.